Kickboxing classes in Bridgeport CT 

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Kickboxing classes in Bridgeport CT 

What should you expect? Make no mistake, this is a fast-paced class that will have you sweating buckets. The high-intensity workout blends together kicks, punches, knees, and elbows into quick combinations that keep the body moving. Some people get frustrated because it’s hard to do it properly, But just as in anything new that you learn, it comes with time. he key to doing well in cardio kickboxing is being focused and alert during class. This will help you keep up with the moves and easily piece together the combinations. Even if you are not feeling successful the first couple rounds, don’t stop going to the classes, it gets easier.

Shed bodyfat fast
Combining martial arts techniques and heart pumping cardio, kickboxing is a high energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat.

Punching and kicking along can burn over 700 calories an hour. Add in exercises and jump rope and you can burn over 1000 calories in an hour class. Its an incredibly efficient workout.

Excess fat is linked to increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

We are the best Kickboxing classes in Bridgeport

Tone your entire body
A typical class at WFC combines kickboxing and MMA drills with jump rope, circuit training and core strengthening exercises.

By using punching bags, and muay thai kickboxing pads, as opposed to shadow boxing or taebo, you’ll burn even more calories. Tone your back and trim your waist because each move requires a lot of core power.

Engaging your core will also ultimately improve coordination and reaching for higher kicks works your flexibility.

Know how to defend yourself
While the majority of women come to kickboxing classes for the total body workout, the self defense aspect is the icing on the cake. All our classes are taught by fighters who compete in muay thai kickboxing or mixed martial arts. We pride ourselves on the level of instruction you’ll get here at WFC.

Having the ability to protect yourself is valuable and it’s empowering to know that if you were in a dangerous situation, you have the knowledge to help get yourself out of it safely.

Beating the crap out of bags and pads is a great way to deal with stress

Sometimes the best way to release stress after a hard day at work is not going to happy hour. Kickboxing offers a healthy way to get some of the day’s problems out of your system, which will also help you get a better night’s sleep and improve mental clarity.

Feel sexy and confident
There’s nothing sexier than being able to kick some butt, and look great doing it. The intensity of kickboxing means you’ll see improvements and results quickly.

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by Michael Chirico