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When you’re bored with your workout program its time to switch it up!
Our cardio kickboxing program is one of our most sought-after classes at Westchester Fight Club. Repeating the exact same treadmill workout session day after day can get dull, so if you want to see better results and feel a new invigorating energy check out our Free 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing and Boxing classes. We even give you a free personal intro lesson so you’ll understand all the fundamentals before jumping into class. Adding kickboxing to your exercise routine gives it a new, dynamic twist.

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A fresh workout routine will keep your body guessing and changing, so you might be sore in muscles you never felt before. Get shreded and in the best shape since highschool. What more do you want from your training? You will exercise like a fighter without the fear of getting hit because our Women’s Only Cardio Kickboxing Classes are non contact. So instead of fighting with other students, the only thing you will be beating up is our heavy bags or focus mitts. I will walk you through a normal class at Westchester Fight Club.

Stretching and Jump Rope

We blast some music on the speakers and then begin our stretches. Get a high energy atmosphere in the room before we get going. What ever the coach chooses that day much like the radio, we will warm up with some stretching, jogging, or jump rope. We want to get the muscles warm and loose in order to get the most out of the rest of the workout.

Time to Hit Stuff

Now its time to hit stuff! We glove up and get ready to go. At Westchester Fight Club we have a bag mat with 30 hanging bags, so everyone in class can have their own. Kickboxing is the best stress reliever. There’s nothing more relaxing then winding up and smashing a bag as hard as you can and putting life’s issues on mute for the hour of class. We aren’t just hitting the boxing bag aimlessly, the instructor will take you through different combinations of punches, knees, and kicks. You will most likely feel a bit uncoordinated and off base in the first class, regardless of your fitness level. Since the difficult combos will be different for your muscles, not just your brain. Though the rounds usually are comprised of fairly basic combinations, when all is said and done, it is a routine that gets easier with practice. Plan to give your body 3 or 4 classes before you feel comfortable with the moves. Many sessions mix the same standard techniques in a different order or portion of the combination.

Buddy Drills
At this point we have the class split up. Don’t worry you are not fighting each other but you will hold pads or focus mitts for the other person. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding mitts for his fighter then switch off and turn into the fighter bashing the mitts. You might feel a little a little bit like a newb but don’t stress, it takes a couple of try’s to get your moves down, both for hitting mitts and for being a good gym buddy and holding them. At your next or third kickboxing class it will be a breeze for you.

Core Training and Calisthenics

The core of your body, which includes the abs and lower back muscles, will get an unintentional work out just by doing the punches and kickboxing . However, a full kickboxing workout should include strengthening the abdominal and back muscles through movements as leg raises, siccors, and side planks. All strength stems from your core so these exercises will help you out in future sessions.

Now its time to grab some dumbbells. This is a great way to build up some muscle while forcing your body to burn some extra calories. Doing both cardio and weights in the same workout will help build shape and definition in your arms, back, and shoulders. Boxing will help tone your arms but then after a few rounds on the heavy bag picking up a pair of dumbbells and weight training with the class will help you achieve the sculpted and toned arms you’re searching for.

Cool Down
And your first training session is done. Props for pushing it and making it through. a full class of kickboxing burns more calories then lifting weights, running on a fitness treadmill, or riding a bike. If you’re from Larchmont you need to take us up on our FREE 30 Day Trial of kickboxing classes in Larchmont and come get your FREE private intro lesson to get started.

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