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Get 30 Days Free of Kickboxing Classes in Yorktown

Are you bored with your latest workout and looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your coordination, flexibility, and tone you up? Then cardio-kickboxing classes at WFC are for you. Our 1 hour class takes a workout bootcamp class and merges in elements of boxing and MMA. We have a limited time FREE 30 Day Trial in our kickboxing program. And to make sure you’re ready for classes we are going to give you a free 1 on 1 private training appointment so you can discover the fundamentals.

FREE 30 Day Trial of Kickboxing Classes in Yorktown

Get your self confidence back! You will learn how to defend yourself all while dropping weight and getting in amazing shape. Our trainers are all fighters and they’ll teach you proper technique to get the most strength and speed out of your kicks and punches. You never spar with another client in our Women’s Only kickboxing classes so you will never have to worry about getting hit. I will give you a breakdown of a normal class here at WFC.

Warm Up Routine

We blast some music on the stereo system and then begin our warmup. We have to get the atmosphere and energy level up to get started. Whatever the coach chooses that day just like the tunes, we will warm up with some stretching, jogging, or jump rope. We perspire and elevate your heart rate in order to get the most out of your training and help minimize the risk of injury.

Gloves on

Now its time to hit stuff! We glove up and get ready to go. Our bag system holds 30 punching bags, this isn’t a taebo class, you need to feel your fist move something when you throw a blow. Boxing is the best stress reliever. There’s nothing more relaxing then winding up and hitting a bag as hard as you can and placing life’s issues on mute for the 60 mins of class. The teacher will show you a combo that you will practice for the whole round and attempt to perfect before you get out of breathe. Then after the round you’ll catch a quick breather, just long enough to show you the next round’s combination. After a couple of classes you’ll start to look like you know how to kick some butt. The more classes you take the better you will become, a lot of new students think a few of our women in cardio kickboxing classes are fighters, thats how good their technique has become.

Buddy Drills
At this point we have the class split up. Its not to make you square up with your parnter, now you’ll pads for each other. Now you get to pretend to be a trainer holding pads for his fighter then change off and become the fighter striking the pads. Don’t get discouraged either, just like it takes a few classes to feel balanced and smooth striking the mitts and boxing bags, the same thing can be said for getting to know how to hold pads. After your very first or 2nd session it will be a piece of cake.

Gut buster time

Your abs will already be feeling all the kicks and punches you’ve thrown. We still make time to train our ladies’ stomaches and do some ab training. To get our kickboxers ready for bikini season we’ll do all different exercises to help you get back in that bikini.

Cool Down
And your first training session is done. Some light stretching and some words of encouragement from your trainers for making it through your first of many sessions here at WFC. 60 minutes of kickboxing burns more calories then lifting weights, jogging on a running machine , or riding a bike. If you’re from Yorktown you need to take us up on our FREE 30 Day Trial of kickboxing classes in Yorktown and come get your FREE private welcoming class to get started.

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