Childrens Classes

Here at WFC we offer mixed martial arts classes to children ages 5 – 13 years old.  We provide kids with essential training in:




and Fun


The discipline and self-confidence that children acquire in our Kids MMA program helps them grow into well-rounded adults and empowers them to more effectively handle problems, including bullying. We acclimate kids to an active, healthy lifestyle, and build the character, self-esteem and interpersonal skills necessary for peaceful conflict resolution while stressing the importance of safety and cleanliness. Kids with character have powerful coping strategies for dealing with and resolving confrontations with peers, and kids with self-defense have powerful skills to deal with and resolve physical abuse.

In addition to the physical benefits of training at WFC, all of our Kids Programs offer a fun, safe environment designed to instill the confidence, discipline and character each child needs to solve problems, set goals and succeed.

At Westchester Fight Club, we strive to instill a life-long passion for exercise and healthy living in our young students that carries on into adulthood. Many of today’s children battle problems associated with obesity and inactivity, and the WFC family works hard not only to ensure that children will avoid such problems in childhood, but also in adulthood. Growing a love for physical fitness leads to strong, well-adjusted, healthy adults.

Elite physical fitness comes, not from specializing, but from mastering a broad range of skills: running, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing and mastering balance safely and effectively.



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