4 Years of Reflection

by Michael Chirico

Looking back I can’t believe that it was 4 years ago today that I decided to start living my dream.  I traded in the suit, sales meetings, and morning commute of corporate America for sweatpants, work boots, and some asbestos dust in my lungs during the initial 2 month build out of 11 South Division St.  A couple buddies helped with the demo of the old pool hall that once was here, and my sweet mother broke her back, putting in hours of work helping paint the walls of Fight Club.

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(pictures of the build out 4 years ago)

During the past 4 years here I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with some amazing people, and develop great friendships. Friends that without the gym, we would have been strangers.  And I feel blessed that the majority of those friends I still get to see day in and day out on our mats.  I’m feeling nostalgic today remembering the rush of excitement imagining what could be, the first time I put in the key and opened the door into our space on top of C-town.  Nostalgic because on the same weekend, 4 years later, the exact same feeling hit me when I opened the doors into our new space.

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Each year we’ve gotten better and better here at WFC.  From the daily improvements in our students, bringing in the top team of coaches we have instructing today, and now bringing the best MMA training facility to the East Coast.  I hope you stick around for what we have planned the next 4 years.

– Coach Mike