Danny Massa Victorious at Gladius Fights

Another Victory for WFC!

The Fight team took a trip up to Rochester NY for one of our own.  Danny “Who’s Ya” Massa stepped into the cage against the home town favorite and walked out of the arena with the W!  It was Coach Danny’s First fight with pro style rules (striking to the head of a grounded opponent) and he took full advantage of it.  Danny’s striking looked great, you can tell he made great improvements working with Kru Primo and Joey Valle during his fight camp.  After some solid exchanges in the fight where both Danny and his opponent showed some solid speed and power, Coach Danny showed why we at Westchester Fight Club are the real deal.

Graice BJJ New Rochelle

Both Fighters going toe to toe on the feet showing equal power and technique Massa showed his well rounded skill set in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts.  Landing 2 easy take downs in the first round after pressing his opponent into the cage Coach Stewart style.  Once on the ground Danny totally outclassed his opponent, easily passing the guard, and getting to full mount.  Once there, he let it rain!  Landing 51 straight unanswered blows on the ground the ref had no choice but to call the fight at 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the very first round!  This was Coach Danny’s First Win by TKO! And he’s improved his record since he started Training at Westchester Fight Club to 3 – 1.

Westchester Fight Club Dannys Fight

When you see Danny at the Gym be sure to Congratulate him on his victory!

Graice BJJ New Rochelle

by Michael Chirico