New Schedule Effective December 2nd, 2013

Now you can Upgrade for Strength and Conditioning or Boxing Classes! Whether you’re in Intro or Foundations you can now upgrade your membership to include our stellar Strength and Conditioning Program as well as Boxing Classes.  See a consultant at the front desk for more info and pricing

We made some changes to the Programs here at WFC.  We changed up the Intro Schedule so be sure to check it out.  We added MMA Classes to our Foundations Schedule,  an extra Boxing Class on Tuesday for Combat Athletes, a ramp up program twice a week for Women’s Bootcamp and MMA Conditioning to teach new members the exercises and give them a class they can use to get ready and work up to the intensity of our regular classes. We also opened up the morning Muay Thai and BJJ classes during the week to everyone in our Foundations Program.

If you are a current Combat Athlete you are grandfathered in and have full access to the Combat Athlete + Boxing + Conditioning Classes and should use that schedule.

We also started a Co-Ed Boxing and Conditioning Program Fitness Program

If you have any questions about what schedule you should use or what classes you are eligible to jump into just ask us at the front desk.

Women’s ONLY Fitness Schedule

Children’s MMA Schedule

Boxing + Conditioning Program

MMA Intro Schedule

MMA Intro + Conditioning

MMA Intro + Conditioning + Boxing

MMA Foundations

MMA Foundations + Conditioning

MMA Foundations + Boxing

MMA Foundations + Conditioning + Boxing

Combat Athlete Program – No Upgrades

Combat Athlete Program + Conditioning + Boxing


Current Schedule until Nov 30th

Combat Athlete (note: Foundations Muay Thai Classes are no longer open to combat athletes)

MMA Foundations

MMA Intro Program For Free Trial + Groupon Eligible

Women’s Fitness Schedule  For Free Trial + Groupon Eligible (except Ultimate Fitness Conditioning Bootcamp Classes)

Children’s MMA Schedule














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